Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system selected for the auditorium of a college in Inner Mongolia

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Recently, a college in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region needs to hold its 2020 graduation ceremony and plans to install a batch of new professional audio systems in the college auditorium.
Project requirements:
The college auditorium has a large internal space and a long sound transmission distance. It is necessary to ensure that people far away from the stage can clearly hear the sound from the microphone.

A graduation ceremony was held in the auditorium of a college in Inner Mongolia 
Project site and solution
     Our company communicated with the customer in detail, and the customer finally chose 20 sets of Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system, 7 set of R-14D antenna distributors and 2 set of R-32AU directional antennas to realize on-site network monitoring at any time, long distance and clear transmission.

Relacart HR-31S True Diversity Wireless Microphone Flight Case
     HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system is a wideband diversity wireless audio system specially designed for large-scale stage performances.
     The HR-31S adopts a true diversity reception mode. The two antennas arbitrarily choose the end with a strong signal to receive. This method can greatly eliminate blind spots and avoid mute or dead spot noise caused by signal transmission problems.
     HR-31S has ultra-wide bandwidth, 32MHz wideband design, more than 1280 frequency points can be used. The stable PLL phase-locked oscillation circuit, with the "noise detection" mute control function, can effectively block noisy radio frequency interference in the working environment.
    Cooperating with the digital control software of the RWW wireless system, the system has powerful performance and stable characteristics. It can be monitored by computer networking, search for radio wave interference points in the actual environment and frequency dead spots on the stage, and control and modify system settings. Obtain the most satisfactory results in a complex professional performance environment.
HR-31S Tue diversity Wireless Microphone System
The R-14D antenna splitter is an ultra-wideband dual-channel 1-to-4 antenna distribution system with ultra-low internal distortion. Stable functions and features, with a sophisticated design, are fully applicable to UHF high-bandwidth wireless systems, and especially support 2-4 sets of Relacart wireless series or other series of wireless systems.
R-14D Antenna Distributor
R-32AU directional antenna has the characteristics of reliable performance, damage resistance and durability.
Low-noise signal amplification and signal enhancement can provide the best reception effect for the required coverage.
The R-32AU directional antenna can use any 50 ohm low-loss coaxial cable to connect the antenna to the receiver or antenna distribution system.
Lightweight and smart appearance structure, easy to carry and install, it can be fixedly installed on the microphone bracket, can also be hung on the ceiling, or fixed on the wall with an integrated rotatable bracket.
R-32AU Directional Antenna
Relacart HR-31S true diversity wireless microphone system with R-14D antenna splitter and R-32AU directional antenna realizes clear sound transmission without noise, stable signal and no cross-frequency. Relacart wireless audio system is suitable for various performance occasions, and has won unanimous praise from customers with advanced technology and excellent performance.
HR-31S True diversity wireless microphone system connection solution
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