2015 “Wireless--Relacart” attended NAMM Show

2016-01-16 Catalog: Trade Show View:
American international instruments, stage light and audio technology exhibition (NAMM SHOW) held regularly in Anaheim, CA, the USA in January every year. This year is the 113 session. The exhibition is held by the largest international “Music Products Accociation”namely NAMM, which is one of the most successful and influential international exhibitions in the industry, known as “the development wind vane of the industry”. 

(Bustling exhibition scene)

The 113rd NAMM SHOW attracted SONY, audio-technica, Shure and other famous brands to participate, which is an audio industry event, a performance bound of heaven, a sound propagation fantasy trip. All flowers bloom together, thousands of contention, but we Relacart are special flower.



(Famous brands gathering in the scene)


“Wireless--Relacart”, which is the wireless microphone brand that has been to create value with core technology and excellent service. In NAMM SHOW held in Jan22-25, we Relacart shown our charm. When a variety of performance products flooded towards, our wireless system still stand on the top of the mountain like a pine tree, to meet with appreciation eyes and warm applause with peace of mind.

In this American NAMM SHOW, “Wireless--Relacart" not only shown the products, but also the persistence, courage to create first brand spirit, even the great determination that domestic advanced Electroacoustic technologies step to the international stage.




 (Relacart people negotiating with overseas customers)


Let’s take a look at the excellent performance of Relacart wireless system in the international stage.

In NAMM SHOW 2015, Relacart brought a large number of high-quality performance products. High end tour performance level HDR-8Q digital wireless series, professional performance level UR wireless diversity series, the domestic first-created digital mixer M16.8, these are Relacard technology essence long-term accumulation products attracted many foreign customers to negotiate.



"Wireless - Relacart" is on the path to a domestic first wireless microphone brand. It is getting to the goal closer and closer.

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