Relacart WDC-900 in Exhibition -PALMM PHILIPPINES

2016-01-15 Catalog: Press Release View:

Relacart Electronics CO.,LTD. has taken part in the 15th PALMM PHILIPPINES by Relacart’s distributor on 20th - 22nd August in Manila Philippines. After 15 years of development and sedimentation , PALMM PHILIPPINES has become one of the remarkable Sound & Light exhibitions in Philippines and attracts thousands of customers every year.


For this exhibition, Relacart’s Philippine distributor mainly displayed Conference system ( WDC-900, CS-100 and CS-201 ) and Professional Performance wireless microphone system ( HR-31S and UR-220S ).


WDC-900 digital & wireless conference discussion system


    WDC-900 plays an important role in Relacart’s conference system series as a flagship product. Not only has a stable 2.4GHz frequency wireless conference solution, WDC-900 also supplements with U band antenna transition. Thanks to that, the transmission and reception will be more convenient and rapider. 




For safety performance, WDC-900 uses mature and stable Zigbee wireless communication protocol and equipped with earphone monitor function simultaneously. The data frequency range is between 2400MHz - 2500MHz, which kept within 100. As we know that the higher frequency, the bigger amount of information. But the shorter frequency, the narrower radiation range, the stronger safety. And what’s more? With unique “Digital Relacart” three bands of bandwidth, the whole process of conference safety will be more powerful.



    In expansibility WDC-900 can control up to 273 wireless discussion units without any linking mixer. And what’s more? It can connect with  Relacart Video Tracking System VTS-1000 for automatic camera tracking. Real-time management brings more convenience.


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