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2016-01-16 Catalog: Press Release View:
The signal that we use in our daily life with the phone, mainly from the radio waves  that send and receive from the communication base station in the world, each base station can cover a 6 edge shaped region, linking numerous base station, can let the signal coverage of global. The wireless audio transmission also rely on radio waves to the invisible but powerful.

Map of New York city under the effect of radio wave visualization

         Wireless audio transmission has become a sound industry trend of today, we have to consider a problem, how to make the signal more stable? We know, with the popularization of radio waves, the mutual interference signal become more and more serious, in wireless audio transmission together in this particularly noticeable, fault frequency microphone, off frequency phenomenon constantly plagued us. So, if the radio wave become visible, can we manage the radio waves better?

         This time, Relacart general manager Zhang Minghui made a speech in the platform of CA001, to build a stage for example, tell the secrets of radio waves visual management technology.

With the popularization of radio waves, the phenomenon of mutual interference frequency is more and more serious, which frequencies in the local use? Which allows to use? How many channels and reserve channels are needed for the activity? How the frequency range of transmitter and receiver cover? All in all, should carefully consider.


        Now, it is possible to make the radio waves visible by using frequency scanning software, convenient management. The most clear spectral scan a specific location, and use the software to calculate the no intermodulation interference frequency, greatly simplify the calculation workload.

Wireless Relacart RWW1.0 PC Control Software

RWW1.0 is an advanced and powerful digital software. The PC controlling using a Relacart U485 connector, to link to HR systems for real time monitored. The controlling software can scans for signal frequencies that could interfere with microphone transmissions and automatically determine the correct frequency for setup, minimizing error and increasing mic-to-mic sound continuity.

Remotely control up to 64 wireless receivers simultaneously from up to 300 meters away.

The software can monitor transmitter battery status, AF/RF & Antenna A/B strength.

      It has a built-in high performance spectrum analyzer allows direct setup of non-interference frequencies and monitors the wireless environment for all operating channels and interference signals, multi-function and status display are also included for your convenience.


       Scans to identity and memorize “dead spots” in the performing area, multi-function and status display are also included for your convenience.

       Visible wireless frequency, help you find out the interference sources and create clean environment. 

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