Great news on powerful and stable wireless microphone HR-30 series

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Relacart is promoting a powerful and stable true diversity wireless microphone HR-30D (Dual channels) and HR-30S (Single channel) with 1280 selectable UHF frequencies. HR series can work with or without software RWW1.0, RWW 1.0 provides an alternative way to operate all functions and monitor at most 64 wireless transmitters and receivers by computer simultaneously from up to 300 meters away, which is special convenient for a large live stage show.


Its high-visibility LCD display, rack-mountable mental receiver, substantial mental bodypack and handheld transmitters, and remote mountable antennas seem to be designed as a perfect combination. Environmental friendly circuit design allows 2 AA alkaline batteries work up to 15 hours. PLL and true diversity design ensures reliable transmission and interference-resistant operation


The receiver will auto-scan and lock on to the cleanest frequency from the pre-set 32 channels by only pressing the AFS (Auto Frequency Selection) button 3 seconds, then press IP button on the transmitter to upload automatically the pre-locked frequency from the receiver.

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