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From Feb 29th to Mar 3rd, 2012, the 10th Guangzhou International Pro Sound & Light Expo was held in     Pazhou Complex Area A of China Import and Export Fair Complex. Relacart Electronics CO., LTD, as a manufacturer of 18 years history in R & D, production and selling of microphones and conference system, attended this grand Expo with its brand "Relacart".


To be the top brand in pro audio market in China is our company's long term goal since the release of self-owned brand "Relacart" in 1997. During this 2012 Guangzhou Pro Sound & Light Expo, Relacart held the 2012 new product release conference in Huacheng conference hall of Pazhou Complex Area A.


This release conference was Relacart's primary event in 2012. And Relacart spent large amount of manpower, resources and fund to give its guests a remarkable new products release conference. Relacart invited a compere of Southern Television Guangdong to conduct the conference and Professor Peng Miaoyan, Dean of Guangzhou University audio-visual and lighting technology research institute, delivered the opening speech for this release conference. Professor Peng said she had tried many Relacart products in many show events which left her deep impression of "Nice Sound". She even said with humor that she felt as if she were a few years younger when she was speaking with Relacart microphone in the conference.

Professor Peng's wonderful speech

Professor Peng appreciated the road map of Relacart and expressed great expectation on our company's development. After the opening speech, the Chief Engineer and Vice CEO Mr. Xu Yongqiang and the General Sales Manager Mr. Zhang Minghui gave detail introduction to the new products of this new products release conference.

New product  display

During the release conference, the Chief Engineer Mr. Xu Yongqiang detailedly introduced the special advantages and the applications of the Relacart products to let the guests have a deeper understand of Relacart products and its market position. Mr. Zhang Minghui, General Sales Manager, vividly introduced the R & D idea of Relacart products, such as the design idea of UR wireless microphones was based on the noble bottle of Chanel. The products have a nice appearance of line fluency, round edges with advanced producing technology. For the other new product, TSG-900 conference pedestal was based on the high-heel shoe with zinc alloy and slope shape which makes it looks like a noble and delicate crystal shoe. Together with the slender swan neck microphone, the whole product of TSG-900 is like a slim and graceful young girl. After the vivid introduction of Mr. Zhang, the guests couldn't wait to enter the next phrase to try the new products.



At the very last part of the release conference, Relacart specially set up a prize draw part. The prizes included high end performance product HR-30S UHF Single-channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone, "the King of Karaoke" ER-3600 UHF Dual-channel Wireless Microphone, etc. A client from Shandong Province and a media friend of CA001 got the firt prize and second prize. Officers of Relacart Electronics CO., Ltd and Professor Peng Miaoyan delivered the prizes to the prize-winners.

Prize winner


With the opportunity of 2012 Guangzhou Pro Sound & Light Expo and the support of media friends, clients and staff of the exhibition, the 2012 Relacart new products release conference was successful held. With this release conference, Relacart brought new technologies and products to market and clents and elevated its brand. The guests highly appreciated the release conference and expressed their strong desire to cooperate with Relacart. We firmly believe, Relacart will continue to bring better products to clients and make even greater contribution to the wireless business in the future.

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