Relacart Dante digital audio system stands in the forefront of times

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Dante  Audio craftsman Relacart meets international player Dante---Relacart Dante digital audio system stands in the forefront of timesRelacart took “international player” Dante Audio New Product CDN256 Conference Discussion System, HDR-8Q Digital Wireless Microphone, M16.8 Digital Mixer to attend different professional audio exhibition.The word “Dante”may be strange to you. Now make an introduction for you.Dante is a audinate based IP network technology, which provides a low latency, high precision and low cost solution for point-to-point audio connections. Dante technology can in upload  high precision clock signal and professional audio signal in Ethernet (100m and 1000m)and can make complex routing and ensure the good sound effect; to solve the traditional audio transmission in complicated wiring problem and reduce the cost. Adapt to the existing network, do not need to do special configuration.
Dante meeting to bring customers the intuitive benefit is that: Industry innovation; Wiring simple, convenient conference construction; Interconnection, optional add function; A simulation system of incomparable advantages (clear and sufficient bandwidth etc.); Easy to extend, and even digifax mix.
OK! After introducing “Dante”, let’s take a look at Relacart Dante Digital Audio new product and Dante Conference System Connection Diagram.
A.Relacart Dante Audio New Product CDN-256 Dante Conference Discussion System

B.Relacart Dante Conference System Connection Diagram
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