Relacart Staff Birthday Party on 6 July

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Relacart corporate culture is to let every staff feel the warmth and care of the group. Every month Relacart hold the birthday party for the staff whose birthday is in this month and elaborately send the birthday blessing to the staff. Today is the birthday of QuanGe, our technical engineer. Why we call him “Quange”, it is because we all respect and admire him rather than he is old. In Relacart, his technology is definitely first-rate. Every time the engineer businessman or agent inquiry the technical matters by phone, he all patiently solves one by one. Sometimes he even shows by video while explaining by phone, trying to let the client know the matter source clearly and the solutions. In addition, he draws inferences to make the client know that the matter may extend to other level and tell the corresponding solutions. After the problem solved by Quenge, it basically won’t appear the same problem repeatedly. Exquisite technology and heartfelt service not only win the praise from the clients but also get the respect from the colleagues and the clients. Quange is always willing to help other colleagues, no matter the new staff entry technical training or the technical inquiry from the old staff at normal times, he explains it very patiently and without reservation. Therefore, Quange is the “Bigbrother” in our heart.


 We don’t notice Quange in advance regarding the birthday party. On the birthday, we give Quange a surprise, which makes Quange infinite surprised and deeply moved. After blowing the candles on the cake, we take turns to make birthday wish to Quange.

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