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After 20 years of precipitation, we allow the user to have such experience, the performance of Relacart microphone is good. They have engaged to the research and development,quality and service attitude to gain the market share. Today we are going to talk about Digital-Relacart craftsman's spirit, follow us to visit the Relacart audio labs.
(Relacart Factory)Relacart factory is located in Jiangmen City, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese and the microphone production base. Keep consistent style of meticulousness。 Every part is all linked with one another, from research and development, procurement, production and sales to customer service. Factory include R & D department, Ministry of Commerce, production, after-sales, warehouse and inspection (OQC), equipped with professional R & D team and technical craftsmen with many years of rich experience. Incoming material incoming inspection (IQC), including the test of the microphone capsule curve and thousands of components of the microphone. Product workshop assembly line parts assemble and check the components layer by layer, start the real make the second sound product test before sending it out the warehouse, guarantee the product availability and delivery, thus in the source reduce the rate of repair.
Let’s visit Relacart factory
(Conference Room)
(Audio Testing Room)
(Capsule Curve Test)
(Complete product frequency respond curve test)
(Debug the Circuit Board)
(SMT Machine)

(Receiver Circurt Board)
(The tube of handheld microphone)
(R&D Team)
(M16.8 Professional Digital Mixer)
(The second round test)

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