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Prolight + Sound 2019 Frankfurt Exhibition has been opened, Relacart deserve your attention!

promulgator : Administratordate:2019-05-13

On April 5, 2019, the annual Prolight + Sound exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, attracted more than 2,000 enterprises from 60 countries and regions around the world. As one of the most influential lighting and audio exhibitions in the industry, Frankfurt Expo has played an important role in promoting the development of the whole industry. It has become an important gateway for professional manufacturers to explore the international market, to timely grasp professional information, to master the latest technology and to understand the development trend of the market. It is also an important gateway for Chinese enterprises to enter the international market and to understand the frontier information, business procurement and to explore the world. An excellent platform for the market.

In this exhibition, Relacart brings classic wireless digital audio products to the public, providing more opportunities for purchasing and communicating with colleagues in the global industry in entertainment equipment, large-scale activities, stage design and system integration.

Relacart Booth

Demo Recommendation

HR-31S Single Channel Diversity Wireless Microphone System

● On-board Ethernet interface for monitoring and controlling system parameters with * “RWW 2.0” Control Interface software.

● 1280 selectable UHF frequencies and True Diversity reception for interference-resistant operation.

The transmitters offer durable, magnesium bodies, soft-touch controls.

● Press the "AFS"(Auto Frequency Selection) button 3S and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.

● Press [IR] button to upload automatically the receiver frequency to the transmitter.

● PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, "Noise Lock" squelch effectively blocks stray RF.

● EIA-standard metal 1/2 - rack receiver chassis, offering programmable features, with high-visibility LCD display.

● Battery life is twice as common, up to 15 hours.

● HR series provide incredible audio quality and outstandingly reliable performance for artists, broadcasters and other demanding audio environments.

 R-22AU Wide-band Directional Antenna

R-22AU has the characteristics of reliable performance, wear resistance and durability, and can provide the best reception effect in the required coverage range. The gain setting is used for the enhancement and expansion of signal reception. Lightweight and smart appearance, easy to carry and erect, can fix R-22AU on microphone bracket, can also hang on the ceiling, or use integrated rotary bracket to fix on the wall.

UR-260D Dual Channel Antenna Diversity Wireless Microphone System

◆ Domestic pioneered built-in DSP [MagicEQ], can change audio response curve through the software to connect the computer, simulate of various international brands classic sound, the user can set the favorite sound directly.

The receiver can connect to a PC by TCP/IP or Android phone by WIFI for remote control, conferencing system remote control, remote diagnosis and upgrades, with the special operating software。

◆ Domestic pioneered DSP "feedback killer" FBK function, can effectively prevent the howling automatically, for the users to achieve perfect deduce.

Equipped with GND/LIFT switch

Volume adjustment: built-in DSP Electronic Volume adjustment.

Bandwidth: 134MHz (BandA, B, C, D is universally used), the frequency of each channel grouped to different independent group (10 groups in total)

Reception Mode: CPU Intelligent Antenna Diversity, antenna equipped power supply output 

UR-222D Dual Channel Antenna Diversity Wireless Microphone System

UR-222D dual-channel diversity wireless microphone system has ultra-wideband design. Four bands can provide 768 adjustable frequency points for users to choose, and 128MHz Bandwidth transmitter. Four different bands of devices can be freely interoperable, together with AFS automatic frequency search and IR infrared frequency matching function, can search clean and interference-free frequency, and improve the anti-interference ability of equipment.


WAM-402 is a four-channel true diversity wireless automatic mixer independently developed by Relacart. The microphone audio seamless switching technology independently developed supports the cascade function of the machine. It can connect up to 5 sets of WAM-402 receiver in series and up to 20 wireless participating units simultaneously. The classical audio companding circuit of Relacart can be used with ADC sampling, single-chip computer analysis and arbitrary adjustment of the sound valve, and the table can be optionally selected. Gooseneck conference microphone, handheld microphone, bodypack clip microphone or headset microphone. It is equipped with RS-232 interface, which can connect various video tracking and intelligent central control systems. It is convenient for the expansion of conference functions in later stage to be applied to multi-functional demonstration halls, small and medium-sized performance occasions, hotels, conferences, public security, courts and other government departments.

PM-160 UHF Wireless In-ear Monitor System


● EIA-standard metal materials half - rack transmitter chassis.

● UHF frequencies and Antenna Diversity reception for interference-resistant operation.

● Bandwidth 16MHz, 32 pre-programmed frequencies available.

● Selectable stereo or mono audio output.

● High-visibility white LCD information display

● PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, "Noise Lock" squelch effectively blocks stray RF


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