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Netherlands ISE Exhibition| Relacart with its new professional audio products to show to the world

promulgator : Administratordate:2019-05-13

   From Feb5 to Feb8, 2019, the European Professional Audiovisual Integrated Equipment Exhibition (ISE2019) opened at RAI International Exhibition and Congress Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

   The full name of ISE is Integrated Systems Europe. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Audiovisual & Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA). It represents the highest authority of audio-visual technology in the commercial field, and is also the most influential industry organization in the industry.

   ISE is a successful audio-visual and system integration exhibition held in Europe so far, which integrates authoritativeness and participation. ISE, as the battleground of the world's professional audio and video application products manufacturer, has never been short of hi-tech products to appear.

   Among them, products exhibited by Panasonic, NEC, HARMAN, the world's leading manufacturers of audio products, once again became a major focus of the exhibition.

  Professional Wireless Audio China National Brand Representative Relacart Electronics Carried new Wireless Conference Series: WDC-903; Digital Mixer Series: MIXX12, MIXX16; Dante Conference Series: confer X, TDN1, BLOCK4, MAS-D. On this stage of the world, we are competing with professional manufacturers of audio and video products all over the world to exchange and collide with science and technology.

   With the maturity of technology, how to make better use of existing technology resources and provide novel solutions has become the focus of attention in the industry. It is also the orientation of Relacart's 25-year creative research and development of professional wireless audio and audio transmission technology products and equipment digital intelligent technology, deep cultivation of the professional market, good service for professional customers.

   During this exhibition, Relacart professional team provides customers with most professional product introduction and technical support on site, so that customers can understand Relacart's professional audio line products in depth, and recognize Relacart's brand culture of 25 years of ingenuity in the professional audition technology industry.

     Relacart's sales elite and technical team, with their professional ability and service attitude, made more businessmen have a deeper understanding of Relacart. Every overseas exhibition has yielded a lot, which also shows that Relacart's influence in the international arena is steadily increasing and has been recognized by more and more overseas customers.

    Hard work has yielded rewards. The series of wireless conference, digital mixer and Dante conference products displayed in the exhibition site have attracted the active attention of domestic and international media and foreign customers.


    Day1, Netherlands ISE Exhibition, the excitement is still going on! Relacart exhibition time: February 5 to February 8, Booth 5-X120. Welcome friends to continue to visit and guide us, and thank you for your attention and support to Relacart all the time!

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