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Relacart UR Series is Coming to fomu temple of Zilian Mountain in Chaozhou

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     ▲  Chaozhou Fomu Temple, located in the scenic spot of Zilian Mountain Forest Resort, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, is a special monastery of the Shurangama. It began to be built in June 2011 and was basically completed in July 2012. Covering an area of about 20 mu, it has built great halls, Buddha Mother's Hall, Heaven King's Hall, Bell and Drum Tower, Dizang Hall, Galan Hall, Five Views Hall, Monks and Ladies and other buildings. 

  ▲The Buddha Temple is mainly based on saying, cultivating Buddhist monks, learning Buddhism and practicing Buddhism. 

    This project requires the temple to increase the overall audio system, so that the Buddhist Dharma and Zen sound through the Taoist field, so that good faith and enlightenment, practitioners testimony. Because of the difficulty of wiring, it is mainly wireless transmission on pickup system. The following is a list of wireless audio systems:


          ▲ UR-222DMH Handheld Wireless Audio System
            ▲ UR-222DME Headset Wireless Audio System    

▲R-22AU  Directional Antenna

▲R-14D Diversity Antenna Distribution System  

▲PM-160 Wireless in-ear Monitor system

▲Construction of temple's wireless audio system 

Wireless audio is the most important and basic wireless transmission stability in any place, and temples, as many monks'monastery places, require the use of multiple wireless audio systems, or even multiple wireless channels at the same time. In this project, it is necessary to realize 14 channels sharing at the same time without intermodulation interference. In addition, as a solemn Buddhist place, there is no noise interference in the process of audio transmission, which requires the transmitter and receiver to get the cleanest frequency while the wireless frequency transmission is always stable, and the wireless system silence gate is in the most suitable state and will not even be disturbed by the outside world. There is a murmur to affect the recitation of the chanting scriptures. UR-222D dual channel diversity wireless audio system provides 24 sets of over 700 frequency points and digital pilot technology, so that the system is always in a stable and clean state. At the same time, M-D22 wireless microphone dynamic sound head module and HM-610S headset microphone make the voice part get the highest degree of restoration, reasonable directivity also let the overall reverberation in the cleanest state, effective control of feedback. Many monks at the same time chanting, clean and stable state of sound,.the person in charge of the temple highly appreciate

▼ The signal covered the entire temple

Wireless In-ear Monitor Application▼

Because of the actual demand, there is no sound reinforcement system outside the stadium. Since the establishment of the monastery, the Dharma Master has attached great importance to the management system of resident practice, and has gradually established a practice pattern of "respecting teachers and respecting the road, practicing according to religion, taking heart as precepts, obeying rules and running the way with ease". When reciting Buddhist sutras, he can hear his own voice and learn Buddhist law, practise Buddhist law, and "break nothing". The daily practice of Ming, Judging and Breaking Habits mainly focuses on life Zen. The combination of practice and education guides the four disciples to closely link their wisdom and life, so that all four disciples can learn to experience and practice their minds in life and work, conscientiously practise and gradually form a "respecting teachers and respecting the Tao, sincerely learning the Tao, and wholeheartedly doing it". Tao, the heart of the mind "is pure and dignified, and it really cultivate the authentic style of the Tao.


Signal coverage of the whole temple, installation highly difficulty 

     Wireless signals must be clean and stable. We must use the antenna system. In this project, we will connect all seven UR-222Ds to two power supply systems R-14D, and use antenna power supply R-20P to supply antenna or antenna amplifier, provide DC8V, 80mA output, so that the external antenna system can work independently and effectively, and continue to provide stable output voltage, using R-20A RF active line amplifier, to provide RF signal amplification can compensate the signal attenuation on the long-distance connection line, improve the working range and stability of the wireless system, so that the whole range of use can receive strong signals and clear sound quality, and stagger the frequency of each microphone, so that the entire use of the program is not blocked by the flow of people or the environment, smooth use.

Relacart formulating a solution for this project. 

System connection diagram


     UR-222D Cohesive Relacart has accumulated a long-term technical essence, with advanced technology, mature design, stable performance, exquisite appearance, convenient operation and attractive price, with extremely superior professional quality to win the competitive advantage of the market. This series is suitable for high demand nightclubs, multi-functional demonstration halls, hotels, conferences and small and medium performance occasions.

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