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TDN1 Dante Digital Network System takes you into the Industrial Age

promulgator : Administratordate:2019-01-07
       Society is constantly changing, and history is constantly developing. Every year the development and improvement of new science and technology will bring people a surprise, people's scientific and technological concepts have undergone tremendous changes, people have already changed with the times, the development of science and technology, and constantly improve the excellence of science and technology, so that our times become more and more scientific and technological.

      Of course, times are progressing, and Relacart's technology is not on the decline. We've developed the TDN1 digital network transmission microphone. .

Creation and thought
TDN1 cultural and artistic products
Design philosophy: Inheriting Chinese charm, gathering Taoist philosophy, and innovating revolutionary technology.

The greatest truths are the simplest
The Tao Te Ching is the essence of things after divestiture of complex and complex representations. Black, white and ash are the result of solving system problems. Simpleness provides maximum efficiency. TDN-1 is simplified and new concept of transmission.

Linear thinking
Smooth and rigid. The straight forward course of thinking and the shortest distance of thinking go straight to the deepest level of thinking. TDN-1 is subversive design style.

Easy to understand

Easier to read. Excellent design makes the structure of the product clear. What is more powerful is that it enables the product to speak itself. It's best to be self-conscious. TDN-1 is clear at a glance.

Deep and low profile
Low key, moderation and modest Taoist philosophy. Products must be able to achieve certain goals like tools. TDN-1 is not just art.

The inside and outside structure

Apple's flaunt Unibody has revolutionary technology and is full of charm of molding process. All aluminum alloy materials, sealing structure design, shielding interference is strong.

The base network cable connection is provided with a protection function, which is meticulous and safe. XLR cannon head double button docking, innovative and reliable. 


TDN1 is the product of Relacart's team since 2014. Over the years, the team upholds the R&D concept of innovation to promote upgrading, top-notch new kinetic energy, constantly injecting new ideas, new technologies, to ensure that the technology is constantly updated iteratively in the torrent, and continue to promote the development of the industry.

Desktop microphone base with Dante function is suitable for quick installation of gooseneck microphone exported by XLR Canon. The base is designed for flat application. It provides high quality radio, conference, distance learning and other main radio applications.

TDN1 audio output can be routed using Audinate's Dante controller and downloaded from the Audinate website ( The website also provides Dante routing control and software description. With Relacart Dante conference microphone management control software RDM1.0, you can directly set the input gain of the microphone base, low cut, working mode, power supply phantom. It has audio level visualization and distortion indication.

  Conference room of Changchun Administrative Committee of Jilin
  Use 51 sets of TDN1+ES-910 in total

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