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Relacart Escorts the New Year's Eve Carnival for 70, 000 people

promulgator : Administratordate:2018-01-11

New Year's Eve Carnival line-up lit pink night, 70,000 peoplewitness

Sponsored by Zhaoqing Municipal People's Government, RuifengCulture and Guangdong TV, 2018 Guangdong New Year's Eve Carnival wassuccessfully held in Zhaoqing Dinghu People's Park on December 30th - 31st,2017. A series of rich content design brings disruptive New Year's Evecelebration to the audience.

2018Guangdong New Year's Eve Carnival

RelacartWireless Audio System Escort Throughout

Professional Performance Wireless System

HR-31SUHF Single Channel True Diversity Wireless Microphone

Antenna distribution system

R-14DAntenna Divider

Appreciationof the scene picture

ProfessionalPerformance Wireless Audio System


coupled withthe star cast, a high level of stage effects,

Theinteraction of interesting theme

make the whole event very plump and diverse


Many wonderful moments: Sun Nan’s interpretation of the"no missing" "red flag fluttering" and so on classic songs,push the atmosphere to the climax, Wei Lan, Luo Zhongxu also used a series ofwell-known track to make the audience a warm atmosphere, Zhang Yuan and theaudience together chorus "cotton candy", creating a sweet andmemorable moment

BonBon stage current has been unable to hold back,

Only to be injected into everyone's body. SwagMan debut, with awonderful Bbox rap,

Opened the prologue of the pink electric sound,

The audience received the signal of hip-hop,

Start the night's swing.

Well-knownDJ have appeared on stage, leading the fanatic atmosphere,

More openchampagne, super balloons and other fun interaction,

With the dazzling stage, free to release completely burned!

Selected  "RWW1.1" wireless system digitalsoftware, you can use the computer network to check, control and modify system settings.

All transmitter body is madeof robust and ergonomic magnesium alloy for a comfortable grip.

With [AFS] automaticallysearch the cleanest frequency of the actual environment button, press the AFSbutton for 3 seconds, it will automatically search and lock to work in anon-interference channel.

With IR automaticfrequency function, just press the button, you can immediately make thetransmitter automatically lock the receiver's operating frequency

1280 UHF frequencies available,true diversity anti-interference operation.

Stable PLL phase-lockedoscillator circuit, with "noise detection" mute control function, caneffectively block the environment of computer equipment, karaoke machines andDVD and other noisy radio frequency interference.

 international standard semi-Umetal chassis, with a bright LCD liquid crystal display panel.

Battery life is twice as longas regular microphones.

Thisseries is designed for large-scale stage performances and is the most powerful,most stable features, in a variety of complex professional singing environment,to obtain the most satisfactory performance results.

Wonderful andfanatical atmosphere

It is to highlightDinghu infinite charm and limitless vitality

This New Year Carnivalis great

Next time, let'scontinue with Dinghu

It will bring you more surprises


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