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Exhibition | Wireless Relacart for the development of digital science and education to new kinetic e

promulgator : Administratordate:2017-12-27

The 73thChina Educational Equipment Exhibition

Date:December 26th-28th, 2017

Location:China Import and Export Complex (Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention andExhibition Center )

Address:No. 380 Yuejiang Zhong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, GuangdongProvince

Booth: 2.1B018

Wireless Relacart take the professional audioscience and education road. Insist on technology innovation, products tostudents, teachers and parents-based development strategy, focusing on stable,high-fidelity and convenience as the core intelligent human-computerinteraction technology, integration and upgrading of a variety of independentterminal products, build a bridge for digital teaching.

Relacart Wireless Audio Education System


Relacart Wired Audio Education System


Relacart Wireless Recorded Audio Education System


In the next three years, digital education and teachingwill face challenges, but also will usher in a good opportunity fordevelopment. Information-based teaching environment is a place for teachers towork hard. The construction of digital campus is a sign and inevitable trend ofeducation information. In recent years, more and more educators have realizedthat information technology has brought more efficient means to education,greater space for thinking, more full democratic freedom and opportunities forcreation. Thus it can be seen that information will soon become a new growthpoint in the development of education and also the only way for China'seducational modernization.

As we all know, the essence of education is to perfectand train people in an all-round way. Scientific spirit and humanisticaccomplishment have always been an inseparable double-edged sword in schooleducation. The information of education makes the teaching informationresources unprecedented rich and huge, and the scope of education also breaksthrough the boundaries of the school walls, and the traditional educationoutlook will face improvement and change.


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