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Relacart CS-300 and ER-3000MH applied to Zhejiang Junsheng Holding Co., Ltd

promulgator : Administratordate:2017-09-06

    Zhejiang Junsheng Holding Co., Ltd. Main business:industrial investment; investment management, investment consulting; new energyvehicle sales, leasing; new energy vehicle technology development, technicaladvice, technical services and other products. The company’ s entrepreneurialspirit is practical, hard work and responsibility, its business philosophy ishonest and win-win. The company create a good enterprise environment with abrand new management mode, completed technology and thoughtful services. We alwaysinsist on customer first, serve user diligently and insist on using yourservices to impress customers.

Zhejiang Junsheng Holding Co., Ltd. Meeting Room

  Zhejiang Junsheng Holding Co., Ltd. meeting room need aconference system, which is recording clearly, easy operation and has a highcost effective, and also can narrate in a freely walking. In order to meet thedemand of Zhejiang Junsheng Holding Co., Ltd., after many screening andtesting, Hangzhou Xiange audio-visual equipment Co., Ltd. decided to selectRelacart CS-300 conferencing discussion system and ER-3000MH.

   CS-300 is asimple and affordable Conference discussion system. With exquisite design,focusing on application of various conferences, the newly developed sound activate mode, the participantsdon’t need operating manually, just speaking to microphones directly, themicrophone unit can be started to speak, simple to use, fully applicable to the various conference locations. This system iscomposed of software and hardware, adopt microprocessor control, the unitautomatically detect settings, innovation speaking mode setting, limiting timessetting, and implementation of system video preset functions. As a newgeneration of multi-function, can be separated from the computer to use,convenient operation of the video tracking discuss conference system, is theideal solution for conference engineering application.

      Thanks for Zhejiang Junsheng Holding Co.,Ltd. trusting and supporting. To provide the best service and quality is ourduty, your concern, trust and support is the biggest driving force of our progress.We will continue to improve ourselves, and try our best to provide betterservice.


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