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Relacart Antenna Distribution System applied to The national bio-medical science and technology park

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Weifang Bio-medical science and technology park is a key construction high-tech park in Gaoxin District committee, Weifang city, Shandong province. It consists of research and development of incubators, the accelerated transformation of results zone and industrial zone. Weifang bio-medical science and technology park is a national high-tech entrepreneurship service center, which is authorized by national ministry of science and technology. What’s more, the core professional hatchery zone covers an area of about 20,000 square meters. The solution is to design a tour theater area of noninterference wireless audio transmission in this park.

        The tour theater area often need to carry out academic lecture, so the relevant person in charge of this park hope that they can provide clear recording lectures. It means that the solution need to make a perfectly coverage of radio frequency in the designated area.  Weifang Shengyi acoustics engineering co., LTD. has organized the technical team to have a field inspection. It is a 1,000 square meters exhibition hall, the range of signal coverage must reach 200 square meters. In order to reach overall aesthetics, all the audio equipment should set into one room, the distance between the room and the exhibition hall is up to 50 meters, also with the wall block, all of them makes a great interference to the transmission of wireless radio frequency.

      After the design, testing and audits of the solution, Weifang Shengyi acoustics engineering co., LTD. chose Relacart’s R-22AU directional antenna distribution solution, use one R-14D antenna distribution to cascade two sets of UR-260D and add two sets of directional antenna R-22AU in the antenna distribution system. Before installation, we conducted many times of tour field test, test out the effect of different location in setting antenna, and find out the best location to set up the antenna to reach the best reception of the coverage. Because the distance of signal transmission is too long, we need to use R-20A (antenna signal amplifier) to compensate the attenuation, which caused by the long cables. R-20A can increase the antenna stability of reception and transmission. When the signal transfers to the machine room, it can through the computer and various audio processing equipments for recording and post-production.

 Relacart Antenna System Connection Diagram 

        Weifang Shengyi acoustics engineering co., LTD. devoted itself to provide the best solution of audio technology, “Relacart’s products can be accepted by the national scientific researching center, like bio-medical science and technology park, is an affirmation of nation brand.  A nation must have themselves brand” an engineer said. In the future, Relacart will be continuously innovative and apply more professional audio products to all kinds of reinforcement filed.

Relacart LessonTechnical extension

      Radio frequency signal transmission mostly used radio frequency coaxial-cable as feeders, due to the heavy loss of coaxial cable transmission and long distance transmission can cause the attenuation of signal. Adding too many relay signal amplifiers make it easy to distort the signal and cannot guarantee the quality of RF signals. Therefore, the technology of RF fiber transmission emerged, lower loss of fiber transmission, do not need relay signal amplifier to transfer the signal in high fidelity. What’s more, it is in a compact size and light weight box, the fiber transmission can extend to thousands of kilometers. To use fiber replace coaxial-cable as transmission media, transmitting terminal convert RF signal to light signal, transfer pass by the fiber, back to receiving terminal will convert light signal to RF signal, this can greatly solve the problem of transmitting RF signals over long distances.

The solution of transmitting RF signals over long distance

Fiber Transmission

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