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HengPi Middle School 60 birthday celebration

promulgator : Administratordate:2016-12-23
Relacart HR-31S performance cabinets together MASONONSIC M16.8 digital mixer 
assist HengPi Middle School 60 birthday celebration 

In the early of December, HengPi Middle School campus banners fluttering, percussion sound, full of laughter everywhere. The school alumni representatives, teachers and students have joyous gathering to celebrate the 60 anniversary celebration. Municipal leaders, the outstanding alumni representatives and the Education Bureau of Enping City, HengPi town leadership, HengPi Middle School retired teachers, alumni representatives, students and teachers more than 2000 people. Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system cabinet set and MASONONSIC M16.8 digital mixer was selected for this activity.

HengPi middle school 60 anniversary celebration site, the host use Relacart H-31 microphone for opening

Relacart HR-31S wireless audio system cabinet set

MASONONSIC M16.8 digital mixer

Each side of Leaders successively speech on the stage, are all used H-31 wireless handheld microphone to speak.HR-31S wireless audio system adopt true diversity of the receiving mode, can choose any strong signal antenna in the two antennas. This approach can significantly eliminate dead spots, to avoid the problem of signal transmission due to the mute or dead point noise. In addition, match Relacart antenna amplifier system, ensure the signal stable transmission. A pair of R-22AU wide-band directional antennas are placed on both sides of the stage, to make up for outdoor open-air stage weakened wireless transmission signal problem caused by numerous people and wireless interference.

Vice mayor Bai Yunmei Speech

HengPi Middle School Principal Wu Weixiang Welcoming Speech

HengPi Middle School Alumnus,The Central People’s Government Liaison Office in Guangdong Liaison Department, Former Director Wen Yanping Speech 

Relacart R-22AU Directional Antenna

The microphone that used in the activity all access MASONONSIC M16.8 digital mixer, before the opening of the celebration, through software attached with M16.8 to adjust the sound of each channel microphone, volume, gain and so on adjustment preset.
In theatrical performance need to use the background music, so there are computer line input, iPad can adjust the volume of the background music, after roughly debugging, holding iPad to live sound coverage of the positive range, while adjusting the details while listening site sound effects, and then make the details adjustment.

On-site technical personnel to debug M16.8 digital mixer

After the celebration ceremony, the school also held a wonderful theatrical performances, alumni had photo taken. HengPi Middle School education 60 years, educational philosophy and educational feature enjoy extensive reputation, talented people, peach and plum all over the world. Relacart HR-31S Wireless Audio System and MASONONSIC M16.8 digital mixer combine perfectly, assisted HengPi Middle School 60 anniversary celebration successfully.
Wonderful performances

Alumni photo taken
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