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Relacart CS-300 professional conference system applied in Tongchuan City

promulgator : Administratordate:2016-12-23
Relacart CS-300 professional conference system 
applied to the conference room of Finance Bureau in New District, Tongchuan City

Combined with the Tongchuan City Landscape Lake ecological protection and maintenance work implement, deputy inspector of the Provincial Department of finance led the Provincial Department of Finance inspection team to check the landscape lake Tongchuan lake ecological restoration work progress. Municipal Committee, deputy mayor accompanying inspection, deputy mayor presided over the briefing. At the briefing, the Municial Finance Bureau reported the progress of ecological protection and restoration work of Landscape lake in Tongchuan City.

According to the requirement of flexible speech and convenient installation, select one set of CS-300 Conference System and WAM-400 Wireless Automatic Mixer, collocation 8 sets CS-300D wired conference microphone, 4 sets UD-200D wireless conference microphone, in addition, select 2 sets of UR-260D Dual Channel Wireless Audio System to match UH-222 wireless handheld microphone, For participants delivery speech application, to meet the requirement of the conference report of Finance Bureau of Tongchuan City.

Tongchuan New District Finance Bureau Meeting Room

Relacart CS-300 professional conference system,WAM-400 wireless automatic mixer and UR-260D dual channel wireless audio system

CS-300 is a simple affordable, hand-in-hand discussing system, adopt anti-shedding aviation cable connection, In the installation, simple connection, stable and reliable, and the cost of the whole project of the system installation can be reduced. Newly developed high voltage and low current supply system, can minimize the cable voltage loss and minimize the effect that cause by long cable connection. A cable can connect more conference units to make the installation easier. 

Conference unit has voice-activated mode, in the New District of Tongchuan City Finance Bureau of the work report of the meeting, the meeting attendant do not need manual operation, speak directly to the microphone, you can start the microphone to speak by voice, simple to use, the function is suitable for all kinds of meetings. Speaker numbers could be set in the central controller, you can choose 2/3/4 microphone simultaneously speak, with FIFO function as well. Unique audio processing circuit improves the clarity of the entire system.

Relacart CS-300 delegate unit

WAM-400 Wireless Automatic Mixer system adopts advanced digital control technology and audio processing technology to easily achieve high quality signal processing, has the function of automatic scanning, can quickly according to the site to complete the system adjustment and arrangement. In the New District of Tongchuan City Finance Bureau meeting room construction, matching a multi-used UD-200 gooseneck wireless conference unit, debug before the meeting, match the frequency then use. wireless conference equipment, no need wiring, convenient and elegant, after the meeting, convenient storage management.
UD-200 wireless conference unit

Considering the number of meeting attendant and cost of construction in the conference room, selected two sets of UR-260D dual channel wireless audio system, matching 2 sets UH-222 wireless handheld microphone for participants delivery speech application. This conference system that this meeting room adopts includes a combination of CS-300 multifunctional wired conference system and WAM-400 wireless automatic mixer, provide the Tongchuan New District Finance Bureau conference room ideal solution, make Party A get good conference experience!
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