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Xinjiang Toksun County People's government selected card CS-101 conference system

promulgator : Administratordate:2016-09-09
Toksun county is located in the eastern part of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the Yingxian County government needs meeting room construction, Toksun County People's Government in the government meeting room with high performance, simple operation of the fixed conference system for county Party Secretary, county leaders and government work report to use. Therefore, the project for its matching card CS-101 practical conference system, to meet the demand in Toksun County People's Government.

(Xinjiang toksun county government conference room)
CS-101 is a flexible and simple conference system, has two modes of operation, without special training, without manual operation, speak directly to the microphone, the sound pressure automatic open microphone to speak, called the Voice activated mode and also has a FIFO function. In the government of Xinjiang Toksun County meeting, leaders and participants can easily held such simple conference meeting. Hand in hand conference system adopts serial connection, the connection is simple and interactive control function. CS-101 meeting unit uses the anti - drop aviation cable with hand in hand connection, more reliable and stability.

(CS-101 conference unit)

(ER-3300 dual channel wireless audio system)
In addition, in order to meet the needs of the government of Xinjiang Toksun County timely entertainment needs, equipped with three sets of ER-3300 dual channel wireless audio system. Indoor entertament activities, the requirements of the equipment is not too high, but the stability of the signal has a certain requirement. The whole system hardware circuit of the device is controlled by microcomputer, the use of advanced computer technology to calculate the frequency of mutual interference, making the whole system performance more stable, not prone to partial frequency, frequency drop out and other phenomena.

(EH-3300 wireless handheld microphone)
After installation of conference system, has brought relaxed meeting experience to Xinxiang toksun county People's Government, give praise to CS - 101 conference system.

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