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Relacart 12 sets of UR-220S help Shanghai The dream of dragon big hotel banquet hall

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Shanghai The dream of dragon big hotel banquet hall with its unique architectural style ,the traditional and modern clever intergration as a whole.Hotel offers Shanghai Puxi area meeting total area the biggest parties .Total area exceed 1900 square meter.Include one banguent ,one boardroom and 9 multi-function hall.All banquet hall and multi-functional hall have pleasant natural lighting,to ensure that the guest get the most natural and comfortable experience.

banquet hall
For the large banquet hall of the fixed installation of audio equipment,after several audio factory to contrast,the hotel choose 12 set of Relacart R-12S concentor, 4 pieces of  R-20A Antenna booster and 4 pieces of R-20U UHF Wide-band directional antenna,The use of the one-time installation convenient banquet hall in the future demand.

Relacart UR-220S wireless audio system and R-14D antenna distribution system 
Relacart UR-220S wireless audio system have ultra wide frequency band,antenna diversity reception, every channel have 32 frequency can adjustment, use AFS automatic frequency selection. Among the many available frequency to choose the most clean and non interference, to avoid the occurrence of crossed frequency phenomenon. Shanghai The dream of dragon big hotel banquet hall daily wedding banquet, big activity and high grade conference, UR-220S wireless audio system can easy to deal with.

Relacart UH-200 handheld microphone
On this time shanghai the dream of dragon installation process use 12 set UR-220S wireless audio system,in big banquet hall in order to ensure the receiving RF signal.Relacart in the installation of every R-14D a four diversity antenna distribution system will be four sets of UR-220S match up, by a total of R-14D cascade and sharing by R-20A active antenna amplifier and R-20U point to build a plate-like antenna antenna system and to compensation in long distance away from the connecting line signal attenuation, improve the working range and stability of the wireless system.

Relacart R-20U UHF Wide-band directional antenna
The dream of dragon big hotel banquet hall fixed installation used for a long time,relacart planar antenna installation without application of environment impact,comform to the practical application environment for simple and easy installation,for shanghai the dream of dragon big hotel banquet hall quality high-end banquet hall audio system, creating the perfect audio-visual enjoyment for guests!

The dream of dragon big hotel Fixed installation system connection diagram

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